Celebrating the Green Impact National Awards 2023

12th March 2024

The Green Impact National Awards 2023 have once again showcased the remarkable efforts and initiatives undertaken by institutions and organisations across the UK to champion sustainability and social responsibility. These awards reflect the breadth of positive action taking place in the UK through Green Impact and highlight some of the efforts that the typical Bronze, Silver, and Gold Green Impact team awards may not fully represent.

There are five categories of award, and we had more than 35 local nominations. This year’s winners have demonstrated exemplary commitment and innovation in various categories, ranging from community action, environmental improvement, innovation for engagement, student leadership, and sustainability hero.

Our nominees come from local Green Impact Special Award winners announced at universities, hospitals research institutes and charities throughout 2023, and in early 2024 these local winners were put forward for consideration for the 2023 Green Impact National Awards!

After careful consideration, and tough competition, we are pleased to announce that the national award winners…

>Green Impact turns 15 8th August 2023