Welcome to our new University partners!

16th November 2023

SOS-UK are incredibly pleased to announce the Universities who have joined our UNESCO-award winning Green Impact programme in 2023-24.  These Universities have joined their peers, who are leading the way in embedding sustainability into their institutions – from staff rooms to front facing student services, all the way to senior management – to combat the climate crisis through positive action and education. Our research has shown that approximately 80% of students want their institution to be doing more on sustainable development – you can read more about that here.

As places of learning, these Universities can proudly stand up and show their students that they are listening, and they are ready to make the changes necessary to reduce their carbon footprint and take action to ensure the security of future generations.

This year, we are joined by Imperial College London, Newcastle University, the Royal Veterinary College, the University of Surrey, the University of Sussex and Swansea University.

These institutions have joined 31 other education institutions across the globe on a hugely successful programme that has a tangible effect, making real and sustainable changes to help organisations be a positive change for good.  Last year, over 99,000 people were engaged in sustainability and social justice issues because of Green Impact!

>Green Impact turns 15 8th August 2023