Reach and Impact

Over the last 15 years, Green Impact has had a huge impact on the attitudes and behaviours of staff and students across organisations

Organisations have run Green Impact

Positive actions have been taken

Actions taken as a direct result of Green Impact

“Without the Green Impact toolkit I wouldn't have known where to start. </p>
<p>Although gaining the award is an achievement for my department, the real impact is seeing how the seeds are being sown which encourage staff to think about their actions during their working day.” Lisa, Learning Resources<br />
Oxford Brookes University


of organisations report they’ve seen positive changes in pro-environmental behaviour amongst staff

Students gain invaluable skills and experience in leading for a sustainable world

  • Auditors feel their experience will have a positive impact on their employability 81.4% 81.4%
  • Auditors feel a sense of being part of something 88.42% 88.42%

students have been trained as auditors and project assistants

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was fantastic to collaborate with two fellow students, support the University’s sustainability efforts and develop plenty of skills throughout the day. ” Student Auditor, 2021

“It was a very positive experience that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and managed to teach me a lot about sustainability.” Student Auditor, 2021

“I particularly enjoyed working with students that I otherwise would likely never have got the chance to meet. Green Impact has given me the chance to work with students collaboratively and they bring so much to the project such as their social media skills, creativity and enthusiasm. </p>
<p>It's always lovely to offer our students the opportunity to go to the awards ceremony and be involved in the celebratory side of things.” Helen Goodwill, Greener Goodricke<br />
University of York

Participants take meaningful actions that empower them to do more

Teams have taken part

People have led Green impact teams

People have been reached through Green Impact campaigns


feel good about themselves as a result of taking part in Green Impact


more likely to encourage others in the sustainability agenda


know more about how to use their knowledge to make changes to their daily life

“Green Impact plays a vital role in helping our team achieve our sustainability goals by offering a structured approach. It provides resources, tools, and support to identify areas for improvement, set targets, and track progress. It’s also great to see other teams within the University contributing and how they are placing within the leaderboard. Through our Green Impact work, our team morale has improved as we work towards a common goal of sustainability. Additionally, our reputation has been enhanced, attracting environmentally conscious clients and partners who value our commitment to sustainability.” Katie Lewis, The Venue@DMU, De Montfort University