Green Impact student auditing

Green Impact is a sustainability programme run by the charity Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK).


Green Impact uses an online toolkit to support teams of staff in many different organisations to create positive action in their area of work. We guide them on how to make changes, and they use the online toolkit to track their progress and provide evidence.


In order to receive a Green Impact award, each participating team requires an audit to verify their achievements. That’s where our volunteer student auditors come in!


Read on if you would like to get involved in this exciting volunteering opportunity!

Introducing Green Impact audits

Green Impact audits happen in many sectors and settings including universities, hospitals, dental practices and cultural heritage sites. In all of these settings, staff are working hard to make their workplaces more sustainable, using the Green Impact toolkit to guide them. The audits are a chance for staff to showcase what they have done, and for our auditors to provide feedback on how they could make an even bigger impact in the future. Following the audits, the staff are presented with a Green Impact award, based on their auditor’s decisions. 

To become a Green Impact Auditor you will need to attend a 2.5 hour IEMA-approved training, delivered by SOS-UK. You will then need to prepare for and conduct at least one audit of a Green Impact team, typically taking 1-3 hours to complete. This is a voluntary position with great opportunities for professional and personal development.

All of our Green Impact auditors are students, so you must be a current student to take part. We believe that bringing staff and students together can be hugely impactful, and our charitable mission is to get more students learning about and leading on sustainability. As a student-led charity, we know that students want to learn more about sustainability, and want meaningful development opportunities that will help them in their future career. 

Why take part?

  • Receive free IEMA-approved training in a recognised course
  • Develop transferable communication, teamwork, decision-making and time management skills
  • Develop your understanding of what is happening on sustainability in workplaces
  • Develop your knowledge of environmental management techniques
  • Receive a digital badge to demonstrate your involvement
  • Support an international campaign run by a student-led charity
  • Unlock exclusive discounted IEMA student membership to support your career in sustainability
Student auditors in front of a model globe

Who can take part?

Any student from a UK university can become an auditor. All training is provided so no prior experience is needed. You will need to have strong communication skills in written and spoken English, an interest in sustainability, and a professional and reliable attitude.

We have auditor training sessions happening throughout the year, and you can register your interest for our next training session in the form here. We will then contact you when a suitable training session becomes available. 

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you soon!