Over ten years, Green Impact has made some amazing differences to the attitudes and behaviours of staff, students and whole organisations

Organisations have run Green Impact

Positive actions have been taken

Actions taken as a direct result of Green Impact


of organisations report they’ve seen positive changes in pro-environmental behaviour amongst staff

Students gain invaluable skills and experience in leading for a sustainable world

  • Auditors feel their experience will have a positive impact on their employability 81.4%
  • Auditors feel a sense of being part of something 88.42%

students have been trained as auditors and project assistants

“Being a Green Impact Auditor enhanced my confidence and communication skills as I successfully worked with students who I have never worked before with” Student Auditor, 2018

“It has made me more aware of my actions as an individual when thinking about sustainability. I have also shared these with family and friends too” Student Auditor, 2018

Participants take meaningful actions that empower them to do more

Teams have taken part

People have lead Green impact teams

People have been reached through Green Impact campaigns


feel good about themselves as a result of taking part in Green Impact


more likely to encourage others in the sustainability agenda


know more about how to use their knowledge to make changes to their daily life