Green Impact Timeline

University of Northumbria student, Anna D’Arcy, approaches NUS with the idea of a competition to reward the greenest students’ unions. Green Impact Students’ Unions is launched, initially called Sound Impact

Green Impact Universities is piloted at the University of Bristol, developing the students’ unions programme to work across university departments as a team competition to enact change

NUS receives a grant of £500k from DEFRA to scale up Green Impact Univerisities to 19 in total

Following the success of the DEFRA funded scale-up of Green Impact, a further 20 organisations sign up to take part and help to build the Green Impact network of participants

Green Impact is piloted in our first off-campus organisations – NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and businesses join the programme

Building on ideas from participant organisations, we develop the Green Impact Project Assistant programme – recruiting, training and supporting students to help lead Green Impact locally

61 universities and colleges, 90 off-campus organisations and 110 students’ unions are all taking part in Green Impact across the UK

Green Impact receives the UNESCO-Japan prize for Education for Sustainable Development, one of just six global laureates in education for sustainable development

After a successful pilot year at the University of Melbourne in Australia and VUB in Belgium, Green Impact is officially going international. As a result 10 Australasian and 3 European universities sign up to take part and lead the way for Green Impact across the globe

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