Green Impact in Dentistry

This programme has been funded and bought to you by NHS dental commissioning group in the East of England.


Green Impact is delivered by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK) and designed to provide practical advice and tips to dental teams across the UK, that want to improve their sustainability.

Any dental practice from across the UK is able to join Green Impact, for free, gaining access to an online toolkit of sustainability actions dental practices can take to achieve accreditation.

2019 – present

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Introducing Green Impact

Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme with an audit and awards element designed specifically for dental practices. It’s an international programme, recognised by UNESCO as a global laureate for education for sustainable development. However, this particular programme is designed specifically for dental practices and is piloting the tried-and-tested approach in this field. As such, we welcome any practice to participate and will be collecting experiences and feedback at all stages to evaluate impact and ensure the programme is fit-for-purpose.

Through Green Impact, dental practices (private and NHS funded) can access free support, and can choose to work towards a bronze, silver or gold level accreditation, evidencing their commitment to being a responsible healthcare business.

An online toolkit, co-designed by multiple sustainability and dentistry experts, provides a step-by-step guide to easy improvements. Participants will gain access to a host of resources and support to help them assess, verify and monitor their impact and progress. Later in the year we’ll be providing students an excellent development opportunity, training them to visit practices to review their work. We’ll hold an awards event to celebrate the programme’s achievements at the end of the year.

Any practice based in the UK can access the toolkit and use it to create positive changes to their sustainability. As this project has been funded by NHS commissioners in the East of England, priority for support and assessment will be given to those in this region but any practice (private or NHS funded) can still access the toolkit and other support if outside of region

We anticipate multiple benefits for practices including;

  • Increased environmental sustainability
  • Cost savings
  • Contributing towards the NHS Greener plan 
  • Improved staff morale, and efficiency through the model
  • Enabling practices to learn from others
  • CPD opportunities for staff
Green Impact for Dentistry focuses on all areas of sustainability
The online toolkit has actions relating to the following topics; waste & recycling, biodiversity, health & wellbeing, travel, water, energy, staff engagement & development, data and procurement.
Who can take part?
Any practice based in the UK can access the toolkit and use it to create positive changes to their sustainability. We anticipate multiple benefits for practices including, increased environmental sustainability, cost savings , improved staff morale, and efficiency through the model – enabling practices to learn from others, CPD opportunities for staff.
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