Green Impact Students’ Unions 2020-21

Through a bespoke online toolkit and tailored support, Green Impact will:

  • Help you and your colleagues envisage what sustainability looks like for your organisation
  • Set out a structured framework for ongoing improvements, to enable everyone to make a change and track their progress
  • Create lasting, positive organisational change
  • Encourage collaboration and team-building
  • Provide opportunities for knowledge and skill development

More than just a pledge scheme, Green Impact recognises tangible changes

Every year participants receive awards to recognise their achievements, marking your organisation as one that respects people and planet.

The programme is constantly growing, so year on year people can achieve more and more on their journey towards sustainability.

More than 150,000 people have taken over 358,000 positive actions

Students are at the heart of what we do

  • Our vision is that through sustainability initiatives on campus, alongside the content of the taught curriculum, students will graduate from further and higher education being equipped to deal with the global challenges we currently face.
  • We do this by ensuring that every programme we run provides training, support and recognition for students as either volunteers or through paid roles.
  • This adds value to both Green Impact and to students’ lives.

An experienced and innovative team

  • Our delivery team has over 130 years collective experience of delivering sustainability change programmes.
  • Our team of sustainability change management specialists are all practitioner members of the Institute of Environmental Managers and Assessors (IEMA).
  • We draw on our multidisciplinary backgrounds ranging from business to biology and are supported by NUS’ team of communications and research specialists.

years collective experience

Will your organisation join our movement of leaders in sustainable practice?