Green Impact in the public sector

Find out more about how Green Impact can help your organisation become more sustainable by engaging its staff body with local students in taking simple, tangible actions.
Individual organisations

We work with a diverse range of public sector organisations to tailor a Green Impact model to suit the needs of their staff and culture. From the likes of the city-wide fire brigades or constabulary services, to county or borough councils, we have had huge success in supporting staff teams in taking tangible actions towards sustainability. Each programme works in close partnership with local universities to train students as auditors and support assistants, bringing educational and public service communities together in making change happen.

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Regional programmes

Through bespoke regional programmes, we can work with hundreds of organisations and their partners. Through pioneering new approaches with city councils and chambers of commerce, we are now delivering Green Impact across the Isle of Wight, Gloucestershire and Winchester areas, reaching hundreds of businesses, charities and community organisations through one centralised scheme. We know that developing programmes that engage local outlets and franchises with an online toolkit coordinated regionally to accredit efforts and impacts works really well, and that students greatly value the opportunity to see sustainability in action across their whole community.

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Consultancy and support

Over our 12 year history, Green Impact has enabled many one-off and ongoing consultancy, training and support programmes. Utilising our experience and knowledge of behaviour change across a variety of sectors we are able to tailor our approach to suit each organisation seeking our input. We have worked with London Zoo to train students as auditors and provide feedback and advice on one department’s impacts on sustainability. From creating tailored module programmes for students wanting to gain experience of sustainability in new sectors to trialling new versions of Green Impact, the possibilities are huge.

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