UNITE students

Unite Students’ in-house Green Impact programme won the Behavioural Change & Employee Engagement Award at The Energy Awards in 2017. They work with 100 students every year as volunteer Green Impact consultants and Green Impact auditors, equipping them with meaningful sustainability skills and experiences.


It’s through this collaborative working of staff and students across Unite that they’ve managed to improve their sustainability practices, engage staff, and reduce their negative environmental impacts.

2014 – present

UNITE locations across the UK who have taken part

Positive actions taken to date

Actions as a direct result of Green Impact

“The Green Impact team ensure sustainability is carried out by implementing incremental changes, which in the long term has a huge effect on the way that students choose to behave in terms of helping the environment”

Green Impact student auditor, 2018

“We’ve been building this programme for several years, and it’s one of the key elements of our ‘Up to uS’ responsible business plan. It’s great to have the hard work and dedication of everyone involved recognised; not just the energy & environment team, who have put so much work into developing and delivering the programme, but also our ‘sustainability champions’, colleagues and student volunteers across the country who get involved each year.”

James Tiernan, group energy and environment manager, Unite Students

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