The Carbon Challenge

The Carbon Challenge is a 3-week challenge encouraging people to make positive sustainable choices in our everyday lives. Staff and students across the university can register to take part, join a team, and start pledging!

When you start pledging, you will get instant feedback on the actions you are taking, to see how you are making a difference.

The team who saves the most carbon through the challenge will win a special award at your Green Impact award ceremony at your university and the knowledge that your changes have helped reduce our impact on the climate.

Check out your carbon footprint now on our handy Climate Calculator.



The Carbon Challenge is an easy to use, interactive platform. The web app means you can get all the content on all your devices.

You don’t even have to access Google Play or the App Store. Just log in to your challenge on mobile and you will be asked to save it. So easy!

Become a Carbon Champion

The Climate Challenge is designed to show that if we work together to change our habits in small ways, we can really make a difference! The more people who participate, the more impact we will create, and the more chance we have to influence decision makers to tackle the climate emergency head on.

What being a champion means

Mostly it’s about inspiring your colleagues and other students at your university. With a little bit of pre-challenge preparation it will be a breeze to get your colleagues and students competing and enjoying this great opportunity to help the environment.


Are you a champion at your university?

Our Carbon Champion resource page has a step by step guide of what it means to be a champion and resources to help you engage others. Have a look around and be inspired!

The Carbon Challenge is now live

From the 4th – 25th November you can log the actions that you take each day to live a sustainable and just lifestyle. You can see how to join the challenge with our instructions here.

Make sure to join a team, tell your colleagues, friends and fellow students to help your team win the Carbon Challenge!

How are your team doing?

Click on the buttons below to take you to the different faculties to see how your compare with other teams across the whole university!

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