Joining instructions to the Carbon Challenge

Click on the Challenge link to be taken to the login page (  Once there, simply click on the ‘Login With Google’ option and create your account with your email address.

You will then be taken to the Join Campaign page, where you will be asked to select you Section (e.g. Colleges, Faculty of Sciences, University Support Staff etc.) and Team (which will be your department or college).

Students should join their college team, and staff should join their departmental team. If your department is not listed, please choose the closest fit, or there is an ‘other’ option if you feel you do not fit into any of the listed teams.

Once registered you will be asked to complete a quick survey to establish your existing carbon footprint, and then you will be ready to track your carbon savings over the 3-week challenge period. Every action you take will contribute to your overall college or departments’ performance and will give you lots of tips and inspiration to be more sustainable in your everyday life. You can track carbon-saving actions you already do, as well as using the challenge as an opportunity to adopt new positive habits. As well as taking part yourself, encourage your colleagues/other students to take part for maximum impact – just share the link with them.

The challenge will run until Monday 25th November, and you can log your carbon-saving actions every day (you can catch-up if you miss a couple of days!). At the end of the challenge, you will be asked to fill in a short final survey. We’ll then distribute the final results to everyone so you can see the combine impact we’ve had!

The challenge is powered by Ducky, in partnership with SOS-UK & Green Impact.

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