Create a media strategy

A big part of the impact of a Carbon Challenge is the effect it can have on people around you and strangers who become inspired to reduce their own emissions. So it’s worthwhile thinking how you can encourage some form of viral growth of your university’s challenge activities.


Everyone can be a winner!


One way is to seek out and highlight what we call Hero Stories wherever you can during and after the Challenge ends. These can be simple success stories, such as the top reduction of emissions by an individual. Or they can be powerful examples of how the Challenge has inspired deep and meaningful change, such as someone who has given up flying because they realise how harmful the emissions are.

We have seen in the past that both local and national media really like these Hero Stories because they are positive examples of success against the climate emergency. And in an age where doom and gloom is all the rage, it makes a nice change. Some tips:

1. Encourage the use of social media by participants at regular intervals during and after the Challenge. This should highlight those who are really engaged and enthusiastic about tackling the issues. Contact them and see if they have any personal stories.

3. Work with your internal or external PR team to plan out a campaign which makes use of the data from the Challenge to highlight the fight against climate change. If you need any extra data or illustrations, you can also contact Green Impact at

4. Lookout for potential success stories, and remember this can include people not engaged in the Challenge itself – like family members – who may have been inspired to change their own personal habits.

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